George also loves to paint the large cats of yesterday and today. Saber-cats from half a million years ago to a modern tiger cub are all faithfully presented in true life-like form and surroundings.

Tour the galleries and discover the allure of Rinaldino's view of our past.

Rinaldino's preferred medium is oils with very fine brushes on canvas or board. Some works are in acrylic to experiment with color and light. Graphite pencils are used for sketches and from time to time (usually while camping) he draws in the dirt with a stick.

"Teichmann goes beyond mere illustration and magical realism. He uses a minimum of four focal points hidden within his composition structure, thereby causing the eye to refocus on different points within the painting giving the illusion of three dimensions. This same technique was used by many of the great masters from Vermeer to Eakins." George Stegmeir - Artistic Consultant, Grumbacher