His style and ability qualified him to study under the world's foremost painter of prehistoric life, Zdenek Burian in Prague. George gave up this opportunity to attend the Bohemia Crystal Glass Cutting Art School from 1973 - 1976.

As his crystal glass cutting skills advanced, George still maintained a disciplined focus on further developing his painting skills. He exhibited his painting work throughout Eastern Europe winning acclaim in numerous exhibitions for wildlife and portraiture. A solo exhibition of prehistoric life paintings stood from 1974 - 1976 in the city of Podebrady, Czechsolvakia establishing him as a major contributor to the old masters painting style. Also during this period, George completed many works of portraiture for private collectors in Rome.

In 1976, George gave up his paintbrushes to focus more on his crystal cutting talents. Crystal glass cutting dominated George's artistic activity until 1983 when he immigrated to Canada. Captivated with Canada's vast wilderness, George spent five years canoeing and charting many of Canada's remote northern rivers. Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources still provides George's river charts to canoe travelers today.

During his epic journey the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) documented George's solo canoe trip down the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Delta, Alaska in 1990. The lure of the northern wilderness captured George so completely that he now makes his home in Whitehorse Yukon, the Land of the Midnight Sun. This provides him with many opportunities to travel and paint a wide assortment of wildlife in their natural settings.

Calling on his passion for wildlife from prehistory, George was commissioned by the Yukon Government to produce a series of paintings to depict the many wildlife species indigenous to the Yukon/Alaska region for the Yukon Beringia Museum.

Often commissioned to produce paintings for museums and scientific palentologic studies, George's artistic style captures the animal in its real-life setting. The flora and regional geography are painstakingly researched by George to provide an accurate backdrop to the main subject which is also so real you can just about watch it breath.

These days, when not locked in solitude completing a commission, George and his dog Marsha are to be found exploring the Yukon wilderness as he sketches and researches new projects.


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